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Quality children's footwear for all occasions, including back to school.

The best materials for children's shoes are leather and cotton, as they have good elastic properties allowing the shoes to 'give' whilst being worn. They are lightweight, flexible and breathable allowing moisture out and if looked after correctly they will last.

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agatha back to top

If you're looking for something a little bit different then these are the shoes for you! These shoes are funky, bright and very striking. Available in shoes or boots for girls only and the sizes range from 19 to 38.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

angulus back to top

These are made in Denmark from the highest quality materials and have just won the junior magazine's 2012 design award for best children's footwear brand. Angulus have designed their kids shoes to allow plenty of room in the toe box for unheeded balance and spring. Big toes, wider feet and high insteps the world over love these iconic shoes and boots.

The range has gorgeous subtle colours of nudes, pinks, greys, browns and purple in patent and leather. Both boys and girls designs are available. Size ranges from 19 to 32.

Angulus Footwear

froddo back to top

Froddo shoes speak for themselves with trendy striking designs. Sizes range from 17 to 39.

Froddo Footwear

pediped back to top

A smaller range of shoes which include waterproof boots (sizes 24 to 33) ready for our Great British winter (and Summer), trainers for occasional wear (sizes 24 to 33) and some styles for the smaller feet from 20 to 23 for both boys and girls.

Pediped Footwear

noel back to top

These are the lightest shoes on the market at the moment. They are all leather lined and have insoles which can be removed, which is perfect if an orthotic requires fitting. They are practical to as all the shoes have a scuff bumper which looks great with the design of the shoe. However, NOEL don't let this amazing practicality stop them from producing some of the most adorable, yet durable, children's shoes. Beautifully soft interiors wil keep your child wearing these shoes day after day.

The girls shoes are embellished beautifully. Boys and girls with sizes ranging from 20 to 38.

Noel also have a range of back to school shoe too, available in sizes ranging from 25 to 38.

Noel Footwear

moccis back to top

These are a gorgeous find - lovely little socks with leather skid proof soles that are "MACHINE WASHABLE!" Yes that's right, leather that is machine washable at 40 degrees.

They are hand sewn with double elastic so there's no more falling off! Available from Euro sizes 16 to 29. They are ideal for nurseries, indoors, the garden and for little ones who aren't quite ready for shoes but need their little toes keeping warm & safe as they crawl and cruise around.

Mocci's Footwear

unisa back to top

A lovely range of girl's leather ballet pump style shoes for occasional wear. Sizes range from 24 to 34.

Unisa Footwear

starchild back to top

A range of cute soft leather baby shoes, lovingly hand made in England, from Italian soft leather. Irresistable designs that look trendy throughout all seasons. They are available for both boys and girls, from birth to 12 months old.

These are ideal for when your baby is not yet walking but is crawling and moving around outside.


petasil back to top

Known principally for the comfort of their school shoe range, their use of beautiful, soft, high quality leather has marked them out in Europe, as a leader in the shoe industry.

Petasil Footwear

If you want school shoes that are practical, wear and fit well then this is the brand you're looking for. Petasil offer width fittings for boys and girls shoes and the sizes range from 24 to 39. Both with laces and Velcro fastenings.


superfit back to top

Another great brand of leather school shoes. Made in Austria with years of experience in making children's shoes. All black leather with Velcro fastenings. Sizes ranging from 25 to 39.

Little toddler waterproof/snow boots for boys and girls, sizes 20-24 also available.


sketchers back to top

A range of fun, bright 'Lights Up' pumps & trainers as seen on TV for both boys and girls. Sizes from 19 to 33

Other trainers also available.


havaianas back to top

Do they make wellies you ask?

Yes they do and look how cool and funky they look? Available in colours for both boys and girls, sizes 25 to 32. I'm sure your little ones will love splashing in the puddles with these on.

bobux pre walkers back to top

Bobux pre-walkers -

If your little ones are beginning to stand and cruise around the furniture then Bobux 'step up' are a lovely brand of trendy first-walkers. They are anatomical in shape which basically means the range is designed to suit the shape of the first-walkers foot. With easy fit and adjustability and natural flexibility, durability and grip.

Bobux Footwear

rondinella back to top

Quality Italian shoes and boots which are sure to stand out in the crowd. Rondinella have been producing shoes for over 70 years and it shows in their craftmanship and quality of shoes.

Rondinella Footwear

Crocs footwear back to top

Available in UK sizes infant 4 to a junior size 5.

Crocs footwear

Superga Footwear back to top

New to Just little Feet, the new "bang on trend" Superga! Rita Ora wears and promotes them, they are being worn by many celebs and now they do children's sizes too. Available in various bright colours, we have pump style and mid tops too. We also have a velcro option too. Sizes range from a euro size 20 - 38.

Superga footwear


Please note we also have a selection of white and black canvas school pumps available with Velcro and lace fastenings.